MK Irish & MKC Football Academy Link


7th May 21

MKC Football Academy are onboard...

By MK Irish FC

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Milton Keynes College runs a thriving football development programme from 16-19, the agreed player pathway will ensure players are progressed into adult football and higher up the pyramid by linking with MK Irish FC to promote these opportunities within the FA Adopt a Club programme.  

Future strategy includes the introduction and creation of an U18s side in the Southern Counties Floodlit League and enter the FA Youth cup under the MK Irish FC banner.  MK College coaches will oversee the development of these players and support them to progress to the 1st team of MK Irish FC.  

Both parties will collaborate in events that will upskill coaches, volunteers, student workforce etc.  There will be opportunities for MK College students to experience match days, shadow coaches and develop through volunteering opportunities including analysis, coaching and supporting match day events as part of MK Irish FC.  

Both MK College and MK Irish FC look forward to a fruitful and successful coalition.