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4th June 21

Scot Youth to form our new youth section...

By MK Irish FC

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We are delighted to announce that Scot FC will be joining us as our youth system from next season onwards. Another positive step forward for the club, the Scot FC committee are very committed people with a passion. A great acquisition for the club as our aim is to make us bigger and stronger. Scot FC have released the following statement…

"Scot FC are extremely pleased to announce they will be joining MK Irish FC as their youth section from next season. This has not been an easy decision for all concerned but we feel in order to progress our players and grow we feel it is the right decision. So what does the Future look like? It looks very bright and exciting for our players, managers, coaches and all concerned. We will be known as MK Irish FC. For the time being, we will still play in the same place but are investigating future options. Winter training will continue at Lord Grey and all slots are already booked. MK College has also joined with MK Irish FC - they have a thriving football development programme for 16-19 year olds, the agreed player pathway will provide an excellent route for our players into adult football. All parties will collaborate in events to upskill managers, coaches and volunteers. We hope to be able to offer our players the chances to be ball boys, match day mascots and more. MK Irish FC 1st team has just been promoted to the South Mids Premier Division - a great standard of football. We are looking forward to a great future as part of MK Irish FC.
Dave Shipwright